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Reach higher with your vision and our capital.

Pinnacle Capital Finance

Pinnacle Capital Finance is a division of Pinnacle Bank that is dedicated to providing Asset Based Lending services to America’s growth companies. Our loans range in size from $250,000.00 to $5 Million. We offer a full range of financial products including accounts receivable and inventory financing, factoring, purchase order as well as term loans.

Pinnacle Capital Finance provides flexible borrowing facilities that are primarily based on revenues, not cash flow, making it easier to qualify for than traditional bank financing. Our products are designed to support sales expansion by leveraging the assets of our borrowers. This enables them to focus upon growth and remaining competitive while preserving equity capital for core operations. Such as, cash to meet payroll demands, procure raw material, purchase equipment and smooth out cash flow cycles.

Reach higher with your vision and our capital...

  • Develop a continuous source of working capital
  • Take advantage of vendor trade and quantity discounts
  • Capitalize on opportunities requiring cash
  • Utilize for bridge financing purposes
  • Receive a larger line of credit than traditional sources


Accounts Receivable Financing

This popular style of asset based lending accelerates cash flow by drawing on the collateral value of your entire base of accounts receivable. By utilizing the money generated by this line of credit, the cash flow needs of your business are supplemented.

  • Limited or no restrictive financial covenants
  • Fees calculated on the average daily balance as opposed to incremental time periods
  • Cash reserve from collections made available daily
  • Daily system generated borrowing base reduces reporting requirements

Factoring Select Accounts

This method of financial support allows the client to finance specific invoices to Pinnacle Capital Finance for funding. It is especially useful when financing is needed for a few select invoices, or situations where a large concentration of accounts receivable is owed by a single customer.

  • Obtain more money than traditional debt sources
  • Ideally suited for early staged companies

Purchase Order Financing

Purchase order financing may be the first form of debt financing for start-up and emerging companies that qualify. This service is offered in tandem with Accounts Receivable Financing or Factoring to companies that possess valid purchase orders from creditworthy companies and have a reliable source of vendors.

  • Assists in ensuring timely deliveries to customers
  • Enhances opportunities for increased market share
  • Increases profits due to fulfillment of larger orders
  • Enables companies to grow without increasing bank debt or selling equity

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